We seek high calibre, dynamic, innovative, and entrepreneurial individuals who have:

  • Discipline;
  • Commitment towards work and deliverables;
  • Passion for learning and sharing knowledge and the highest standards of work;
  • Associates with a long term perspective;
  • Research and Analytical Skills;
  • Communication Skills;
  • Leadership potential;
  • Team Spirit; and
  • Attitude to Excel

We welcome the fresh talent from law schools who possess the passion and dedication for learning in first few months as long term interns who will then be considered for hiring at an associate position after evaluating their performance in the internship period. We also have interesting opportunities for lateral talent. People at different stages of their career may apply to us. In the case of lateral hires though, we place huge importance on culture fit and alignment of values, technical and professional skills, business and marketing acumen, adaptability and learn ability.

Team KK always looks forward to attract and welcome diversity in its workforce. We take great pride in having a strong women representation amongst our members and believe in gender equality.

KK Sharma Law Offices is a flexible, breathing firm that has been constantly adapting and evolving its role to meet business environment and community needs.


We require talents who single headedly think in the direction of contributing to the cause of legal system. We intend to make no compromise on the quality and compatibility of talent we bring on board. Our selection process is therefore rigorous. The potential candidate may have to appear for written tests, write-ups and several rounds of interviews, including a meeting with the Chairman on clearing the previous rounds of interactions.

In case of fresh graduates, only those interns who reflect the enthusiasm as well as patience towards gradual processof absorbing the nuances involved in legal practice are offered further opportunities with the Team. While considering the filling of such positions, we review the drafting work in great detail along with the faculty of team efforts shown by the intern. We equally give huge emphasis on research skills along with verbal and written communication.

For sending your application please write to globalhq@kkslawoffices.com