Work Culture

We have a strong, well-defined, articulated law firm culture. We believe that an ideal work environment comes to exist when a set of core values are shared and supported across, and throughout, an organization. Culture is an important and valuable quality within, and across, work groups. Collaboration and open communication between management and rest of the Team leads to transparency, which in turn leads to all having ainnate interest in the success in achieving goals.

In order to ensure that this happens,we take every opportunity to celebrate occasions along with regular Team lunches for lighter banters and team bonding. We actively seek inputs, perspectives and ideas of Team members. We give appropriate credit to each of the Team member for the work done, and create an environment in which talented people flourish where everyone has the opportunity to achieve her potential and enjoy her work. It helps us building an easy working atmosphere and an informal environment that inspires a lawyer to take the initiative and involve creativity to deal with novel legal issues.


Having got one of the global automobiles giants imposed with a fine of Rs. 87 crores amongst other instances, our grip on this sector is complete. KK Sharma Law Offices ('Firm') has dealt with the procurement of services of Car Carrier Trucks by market leader in automobile sector in India and brought the anti-competitive practices to the fore.

Banking And Finance

The very first investigation in the country into competition law violations was made which resulted in a cascading effect of company after company giving up the claims of loan foreclosure charges in home and car loans across the country, amongst others, were under taken.

Bulk Transportation

When the allegations of cartel were brought before the enforcement machinery against the flexible conveyor belt manufacturers they were clear in their mind that only KKSLO can deal it successfully and, accordingly, they availed our services.


The very first successful instance of cartelisation dealt by the competition agency in the case of Ficci Multiplex Association was very successfully dealt with by the competition agency under the overall supervision of Mr. Sharma.

Future Trading of Agriculture Commodities

The very first penalty on the leading stock exchange of the country exceeding Rs.50 Crores was based on the investigation done by the Mr. Sharma. Subsequently, when there were allegations of future trading and guar gum and other similar commodities, for saving the enterprises from huge fines, the Firm was the natural choice for representing these companies.

It may not be that well known no manufactured vehicle can leave the premises of the manufacturer except without being loaded on to the car carrier trucks. When the instances of anti competitive practices came to the fore, the Firm was the first choice to taken services from.