Firm’s Biography


  1. Appointed by President of INDIA as special Counsel for complex tax matters of Govt. of India
  2. Father of Indian Competition Law
    ~ Global Law Experts, UK
  3. Architect of ‘Merger Review Format for India’
    ~ Legally India
    ~ Business Standard

KK Sharma Law Offices (KK) a strategic consulting group, founded by KK Sharma, former Director General & Head of Antitrust & Combination Divisions, Competition Commission of India and a Commissioner of Income Tax, Government of India, specializing in Competition Law, Economic Laws, International Affairs, Regulatory Risk Management and Public Policy Advisory, worldwide, is run through a network of international partners and affiliates.

The group brings together eminent names to create a multi-lateral consulting platform on Competition Law, Tax, Public Affairs and Policy.


We believe that legal services essentially have to be in conjunction with socio-economic and political realities of nations. With this belief, we offer a team with a global vision specializing in Economic Laws, Tax, Enforcement & Investigations and Government Regulations & Public Policy while local in approach factoring ground realities. Our strength lies in our understanding of these realities in both developed and emerging economies.

Though handling wide spectrum of legal issues our understanding of competition law and its evolution across different jurisdictions gives us an insight which is unparalleled, our solutions are based on rigorous economic analysis, socio-political research and global regulatory best practices, making our competition law advisory well rounded. We see ourselves as partners in our clients’ growth. Our outcome driven custom solutions for our partner companies provide them a competitive advantage.

This offers our partner companies a one-stop solution to their legal dilemmas with a well informed, practical and effective guidance with complete litigation support and more so in all issues on Competition Law.

A number of enterprises such as National Fertilizers Ltd. have approached Mr. KK Sharma to be on their panel of Sole Arbitrators; besides a large number of enterprises like ONGC, New India Assurance, Reliance, National Insurance Company etc. have KK as a Firm in need.


    1. Competition Law
    2. Enforcement & Investigation
    3. Taxation
    1. Corporate Governance
    2. International Anti-Corruption Compliance
    3. CSR & Business Responsibility
    4. Project Development & Finance
    1. Government Relations & Public Policy
    2. Regulatory Capacity Building including assisting nations in the development of robust regulatory structures


  1. KK Sharma was nominated by peers as the leading Antitrust and Competition Law expert in Asia Pacific by Expert Guide Editions of 2014 & 2018
  2. KK Sharma holds the exclusive position of Merger Control Expert in India by Global Legal Experts (GLE) and many other similar positions
  3. Member of Global Competition Law Advisory Board of Bloomberg
  4. One of the handful nominated individuals to the Research Project Partnership (RPP) Platform of Competition Law and Policy Branch (CLB) of UNCTAD


  1. Heads of Competition Agencies
  2. Senior Officials from the United Nations
  3. Various International Multilateral Bodies, such as World Bank
  4. Leading Economists of the world
  5. Globally experienced senior Civil Servants
  6. Seasoned international Professionals & Technocrats
  7. Acclaimed CEOs


  1. Mr. Sharma was not only involved in drafting of competition law and regulation in India but also in making it fully functional by being on the top position of each division.
  2. The procedures, formats, protocols designed by him have stood the test of time as well as peer reviews by other competition agencies and form the backbone of the competition law framework & enforcement in India.
  3. Be it the first few investigation reports or first fines by Antitrust Division or the first Merger Reviews, his stamp is everywhere in the initial footprints of competition law in India.
  4. His unparalleled investigation into cross border money transfers led to the formation of Directorate of International Taxation, by Government of India, contributing approx.20% of Direct Taxes collections of the country today.
  5. For all these reasons, the Firm is the preferred destination for second or third opinion by prominent enterprises which otherwise are consulting other firms, making the Firm, practically, the final word in, at least, the Competition Law.


  1. Competition Law
  2. Tax
  3. Enforcement & Investigation
  4. Governance Regulations and Risk
  5. Assisting few countries in the development of robust regulatory structures
  6. Services of litigation support
  7. Legal opinion/advisory on Tax and other Economic Laws


  • Government of Turkey
  • Belgium Chamber of Commerce
  • Reliance Industries Limited
  • Pharmacy Giants
  • Leading Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs)
  • Port Regulatory Bodies
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Leading Private Sector Giants
  • Maharatnas (PSUs above $3.5Billion Turnover)


We are a global advisory group with alliance partners and associates located around the world. Our current associates network include:

  • Furlan Associados
    Brasilia (Brazil)
  • HVK Financial Advisory & Investment Services
    Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • MeSh Analytics
    Brussels (Belgium)
    Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
  • Singhania & Co.
    India, London, New York