2018 Guide To The World's Leading Competition And Antitrust Experts

KK Sharma Law Offices (‘Firm’), offering a complete range of services of litigation support, legal opinion/advisory on tax and other economic laws, has ‘client satisfaction’ as its motto. Headquartered in Delhi, the Firm has affiliate offices spread across the globe. The founder of the Firm, Mr KK Sharma, having been the very first Director General (DG), first head of Merger and Antitrust Divisions of the functional Competition Commission of India (CCI) and a Commissioner of Income Tax, brings his vast academic depth and unique practical experience of establishing competition law in India, in all its dimensions, to the solutions being offered by the Firm.

The Firm has successfully dealt with matters spread across various sectors such as automobiles, real estate, insurance, liquor manufacturing and trading, shipping industry, manufacturing, oil chemical industry, bulk road transportation, future trading of agricultural commodities, power generation and transmission, to name a few. In this journey, the Firm has gathered diverse experience in advising clients across the entire spectrum of the industry, including clients in Fortune 500 companies. The Firm also takes pride in assisting various other countries in development of robust regulatory structures.

The Firm has the distinction of being consulted by regulatory bodies, sovereign governments and individual enterprises alike. Having been bestowed with the unique experience in the establishment of competition law in India as well as exceptional exposure of its founder, the Firm takes pride in the fact that it was successful in carrying forward the very first successful case of Resale Price Maintenance (RPM) in India as well as a substantial relief to its clients in, perhaps, the only case of serious allegations, supported by documentary evidence, of cartelisation.

The Firm’s consistent success in multiple industries resulted in ‘KK Sharma Law Offices’ being feted as a pioneer in the field of competition law in the December, 2014 issue of Silicon India with Mr KK Sharma, the Chairperson, being recognised as one of the top 25 lawyers of the country. The Expert Guide, in its 2014 edition, rated Mr Sharma as the leading antitrust and competition law expert in India.

The Firm is also frequently invited to contribute chapters, on Indian perspectives, on various laws, by international publications. In this chain, the Firm has contributed chapter on ‘Private Antitrust Litigation’ to Global Competition Review (GCR), in past, and one on ‘Vertical Restraints and Dominant Enterprises’ in International Competition Legal Guide, 2017 being brought out by GLG group.

The Firm’s competition law practice is uniquely positioned on account of the fundamental understanding of how the competition agency works as well as the long investigation experience of Mr Sharma including having written two books on competition law published by Lexis Nexis and Thomson Reuters respectively. In its brief existence, the firm has been able to get satisfying positive outcomes to its clients on a regular basis.


KK Sharma