EC issues statement of objections to six Salmon fish producers alleging cartelization

The European Commission (EC) has issued a Statement of Objections to six Norwegian Salmon fish producers – Cermaq, Grieg Seafood, Bremnes, Lerøy, Mowi and SalMar, alleging collusion between them in the market for “spot sales of Norwegian farmed Atlantic salmon in the EU.” The EC investigation relates only to spot sales of “fresh, whole and gutted Atlantic salmon farmed in Norway” which amounts to 80% of the Atlantic salmon exported from Norway. Spot sales, unlike long-term contracts, are those in which prices and volumes are agreed per sale, based on the prevailing market conditions on the day of sale. As per the EC, between 2011 & 2019, these six companies have indulged in sharing of commercially sensitive information relating to sale prices, production volumes & capacities etc. with the aim of reducing the normal uncertainty in the market for spot sales.